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Self portrait, January 2022

I have a few more stories I want to tell

I simplify processes, organize people, fix stuff, make things happen, and play with ideas.

I like intimate conversations, writing poetry, good mysteries, congenial competition, fresh coffee, classic board games, laughing and mornings.

I'm curious about everything, and I love helping people succeed at something important to them.

I encourage you to 'Live the story you want to tell.'

A year of experiments
2021 was a year of experiments for me.

It was a series of projects I set for myself to learn more about developing websites and understand how they operate.

The projects themselves we experimenting with non-linear narrative styles that were constrained in ways that required me to use minimal words. 2022 will tell me how these constraints and experiments actually impacted my writing style.

Too many words
I’ve felt strongly for many years that most people and most written works, especially  books, use too many words. I’m playing with minimalist messaging styles, attempting to condense thoughts into fewer words that still have good rhythm, personality, syntax, voice, humor, and organization. Clearly an introvert’s pursuit…

Notes, sketches and lists
The expression of all original thought begins with a note or a sketch or a list—lines that have meaning recorded on a surface. The rawness, the casualness, the fluidity of notebooks and sketchbooks, journals and diaries, is richer than anything more polished. Instead a polished style, there are tangents and implied vectors, suggestions and theories nestled in with unformed ideas and dots begging to be connected.

Story can be revealed from so many perspectives.
One of my best lessons from 2021 is that story is revealed. The best stories aren’t told, they’re revealed like a painting emerges from a canvas, or a sculpture emerges from a stone, or a pot from a lump of clay. Story is the revealing of beginnings. Successive. Progressive. Never ending.

My online persona
During 2021 I felt like a comedian trying out my jokes in front of audiences who didn’t know my name and had no interest in listening to my jokes unless I found a way into their worlds with words. It was mostly trying new stuff to see what works and what doesn’t. I’m still doing this… just making it all up as I go.

Creating novel reading experiences
Internet technology offers so many more options for organizing and experiencing the transfer of information than the way books do it in a ‘linear narrative.’ I’m experimenting with ‘non-linear narratives.’

A trail of ideas
I feel like I’m leaving a trail of ideas across the internet hoping to connect with readers who appreciate what I’m writing. However, what I’m writing is also looking for itself. Right now is raw and unrefined.

Moving into 2022
I’ve shelved most of the projects from 2021 for the time being. I’ve got lots of research waiting to be sorted through, and I’m still excited about them, but I’m going to limit my project scope to just a few projects.

One of my chief objectives this year is developing an income stream from my work online.

Startup consulting

Additionally, I’ve started doing some startup consulting which eats into the time I have available for my personal projects — not that the consulting isn’t a personal project. The creative range I have with consulting is both satisfying and stimulating. It’s exciting to be offering these services from my current perspective.

Book publishing
I intend to experiment with book publishing this year as well, though I’m not sure at this point what my first attempt will be. I’ll just leave it at that until I know more.

projects for 2022

Here are brief descriptions of my projects for 2022
This is my attempt at an online income stream, but reparTEES is much more than a t-shirt shop. Check it out!
My attempt at describing some of the conceptual tools I use with myself on my spiritual journey. This is clarification by way of exploration for me more than anything else. If anyone else finds something that helps them on their journey in my musings, I’m pleased to share.

jus’ thinkin’ ‘bout stuff
right here on
My holdover project from 2021. I’ll be taking this project to a new level this year, and am looking forward to see where it takes me. You can follow this project on social media at Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Medium, and Quora.
This is probably my most ambitious project in that it is not just for me. It’s a way for me to involve other people in what I’m doing online. People all over the world are looking at the predicaments humans are in wanting to do something, but because of the scale of the messes we’re in, don’t know where to start. is a place to start.

Exciting times!
So, I’m starting off the new year with a new self portrait, some new projects, some new goals, some new ideas and a fresh stretch of unknown territory between here and the horizon. You are welcome to join me! Meanwhile…
Live the story you want to tell!

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