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A bargain nature makes with itself

jus' thinkin' 'bout stuff - 12-23-2021 - by steve rigell -
Is Life part of nature or is nature part of Life, or are they the same thing?

I find the grandness of the scale of nature contrasted with the intricacies of its attention to detail to be mind-boggling.


Fathomable only as a progression of vague and indistinct themes that are themselves fractals of each other. Cycles within cycles. Metaphors of a promise that hints at something even greater.

When something triggers my awareness of these themes my reflections instinctively tend toward reverence, my perspective one of awe.

It is comforting to see myself as both insignificant and essential to all that is, for just a moment.

It is settling to meditate beyond the cares and concerns that cram themselves into our collective consciousness.

While our technologies and models for physical and non-physical physics have evolved tremendously in the past couple of millennia, we haven’t changed much at all.

When it comes down to it, we humans mostly still see ourselves, and therefore our planet, at the center of the universe.

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