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A beginner who is beginning

jus' thinkin' 'bout stuff - 03-02-2022 - by steve rigell -
How do you know you are beginning to know who you are?

‘Know yourself’ is such an easy phrase to say.

It’s such an easy concept to embrace. It’s something you innately know is necessary.

And it is an effortless assumption to convince yourself you have yourself under control. After all, you see the evidence daily. It’s there for everyone to see.

Seems absurd that no one else can see it.

What’s wrong with everyone else?

This is one way to get off the beaten path. In fact, you have to get off the beaten path to do any self-reflection at all. Society doesn’t want you to self-reflect. The beaten path doesn’t lead to self-reflection.

You need to be somewhere alone where you can sit beside a still pool and see yourself reflected in the stillness with the universe behind you and before you and feel the universe inside you.

It is then you begin to begin to become.

You become more than a reflection.

That’s when you can change your mind. You must change your mind. We all must change our minds.

We must change our minds because we must change the way we do the things we do.

We have to change things on a fundamental level. We have to change the way we think. We have to stop shutting down our hearts.

If you really think about it, the only way this can be accomplished on the scale and in a timeframe that can make a difference is magic. It’s the only logical choice. If we don’t use magic, we’re just going to make it harder on ourselves. We’re pretty good at that.

We must change our minds. The way we’re thinking isn’t working. We have to stop doing the same things expecting different results. Either that or we need a new definition for insanity.  >  >  Talkin-Tees

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