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A lullaby for my soul

jus' thinkin' 'bout stuff - 12-22-2021 - by steve rigell -
Share a recent personal reflection that gives strangers a glimpse into who you are.

Every day, during my personal time, right after I wake up for the day, while I’m drinking my first cup of coffee or kombucha, I choose a topic to think about and then jus’ think about it.

It could an idea stimulated by something I read, a note I jotted down, or a feeling that catches my attention as it plays with my emotions. It could be a concept that has been fermenting in one of the corners of my consciousness. It could be something random in the sense that I am not aware of its origin.

This practice has become a journal for me. It is a journal with a special format, and constraints that challenge me. In a way, it’s like solving a puzzle or playing a strategy game. I find it a good way to get going.

This series, ‘jus’ thinkin’ ‘bout stuff,’ is about me leaving a trail of ideas. It’s about sharing a bit of myself online on a daily basis for those who want to stay in touch.

It’s a way of showing folks I’m thinking about them. That I am willing to share my private thoughts with them so they can feel like they know me a little better. No obligation to read or respond.

It’s a way of giving myself something to go back to and look at who I was then, like an album of thoughts, concepts and ideas.

This is a multi-dimensional endeavor. It is changing my life in so many ways.

Today, I’m adding another layer to the journal — a bit of commentary, context, perspective and attitude with each journal entry.

I’ve practiced subtracting and minimizing for almost a year now, condensing my thoughts down to just a few sentences, while still throwing in a twist of personal flavor and stirring in a dash of my own voice.

This has been an exciting journey, but the terrain is changing, so I’m adapting.

That means I’m just making all this up as I go… and… I’m curious to see what happens.

I’ll be experimenting with adding a few extemporaneous, narrative thoughts before publishing. Like I’m doing now.

It’s appropriate that this first journal entry with this format be about my children. I’ve realized in the past year, that I hope they will check in with me here now and then, and get to know the another facet of the guy they call, ‘Dad.’

I have no idea where this will go except that it will very likely be off the beaten path. You are welcome to go along with me.

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