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This project has been abandoned.

ALL KILLER NO FILLER notebooks are no frills, 3-dimensional notebooks are designed to stimulate ideas and insights.
Visualize a notebook as a stack of all the notes you’ve made on a subject with one note per page. Like a vertical stack of index cards. The content of each card is one thought, one idea, one insight, one question, one image, one doodle, one sketch, or one observation you’ve made in your experience, research, or experimentation with a particular subject, topic, or theme.
An ALL KILLER NO FILLER notebook is a digital version of this stack with a few twists.
there are four versions of the notebook
Four versions of the notebook are arranged in a 2-by-2 formation so that you only see the top card in each stack.
the decks have been randomized
The four notes you can see are randomly presented. You have four of your notes juxtaposed in a configuration you’ve never seen before unless you’ve been through your notebook this way many times. The random juxtaposition of ideas, etc. lets your mind take off on tangents. You never know where you’ll go next.
minimalist interface
It’s just the notes. No distractions.
By clicking on any of the four notes, it will be replaced by another note in that stack. You can take slow contemplative stroll through the notebook or go for a wild ride down a class-5 cascade of notes. Or anything in between. It’s up to you. Every experience is different.
but wait! there’s more…
You can combine notebooks. Each stack could be a different notebook, or each stack could contain all your notebooks, completely randomized. Mix and match.
the way it works
Each note stimulates meanings and memories that are completely unique. There are synapses that fire in association with your memories and references to that experience. What the ALL KILLER NO FILLER notebook does is trigger those synapses along with other synapses that have never been triggered at the same time before to stimulate new experiences and perspectives with ideas you already cherish enough to have recorded them in some way.
it’s about using your notes
It’s about getting the most out of your notes. Too often we take notes and just keep on taking notes, without revisiting the things that we’ve recorded. This non-sequential presentation is the most powerful way to use notebooks over and over.
what I’m working on
I’m working on the technical side of making this work within a browser, and then I’ll put a couple of my notebooks online as examples.

here is a link to a crude prototye –
right now the notebook database is being populated manually, and the refresh button on this prototype refreshes the entire page instead of just the notebook. a more elegant prototype featuring automatic database updates is in development.

current status:

I’ve started the early steps of building the next prototype using

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