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As George Bernard Shaw may have quipped

jus' thinkin' 'bout stuff - 05-07-2022 - by steve rigell -

Will we blame it on our parents?

Will we say they failed to prepare us, to educate us, to give us what we needed?

Will we say they failed to give us the right values or they failed to teach us to think clearly and make better decisions?

Will we blame it on our DNA or our irrational, emotional, fearful, selfish, greedy human nature?

Will we blame it on our cognitive biases and our parents prejudices?

Will we maintain we had no choice, that we didn’t know any better, that we were mislead.

Will we maintain we did not have the science until it was too late?

Will we fail to act even now? Even though we know what we are doing is not sustainable? Even though we know there is no way to stop the impending collapse? Even though we know we should be doing whatever we can to soften the landing for those who will have to live through it?

What will you do? How will you decide?

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