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Beauty connects us to something larger than life

jus' thinkin' 'bout stuff - 03-11-2022 - by steve rigell -
Why do humans create art?

To experience beauty is to experience transcendence.

It is through beauty that we experience that the purpose of life is the transcendence of life—going beyond what always becomes less than what is.

In beauty there is mystery and order. There are cycles and instances. All of them are connected in ways that defy language or even thought.

Beauty gives us access to the experience of joy, which is itself transcendent.

Humans are not designed to be able to experience beauty all the time. We become numb to it.

We try to surround ourselves with it, but then take it for granted.

Beauty is relative, like everything else in this physical universe.

Beauty is best experienced when we are unprepared for it, not expecting it and it just presents itself before us.

That’s what all artists try to capture in their work.

Those moments when they experienced transcendent beauty.

We just have to be ready to set everything aside and experience beauty in the moment it presents itself, reveals itself, to us. To breathe it in and let it take us briefly to another realm.

To experience beauty, we need to get out of our minds. Or, at least change our minds. It is our hearts that experience beauty, but our minds can appreciate the heart’s experience if we can get the perspective right.

It’s like anything else humans do. We have to practice to get better.

What does this practice entail?

We must practice changing our minds.

We must practice stopping the limiting of our hearts and making them do mind things.

It will take changing our minds so we can find the reasons to make better choices. It will take changing our minds so we can see consequences and their causes.

It will take changing our minds so our minds are willing to work with our hearts instead of ignoring the wisdom inherent in them.

We must change on a fundamental level.

We must change on a massive scale.

We must change before we can no longer do it.

Obviously we need a miracle. If you want to attribute that miracle to God or to magic or to people working with the laws of nature, it doesn’t matter. We all still need to do our part.

It’s the least we can do.

Lend Your Light.

Spread the word.

Let’s dream together.

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