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Clearly this shit is not working

jus' thinkin' 'bout stuff - 05-12-2022 - by steve rigell -

Humans, with our customary aplomb and distinction have created a society in which one can not participate without being unethical.

It is impossible to stay alive in our current society without participating in a string of transactions in which, somewhere along the line, exploitation has occurred.

To support and condone such a system is a betrayal of morality.

Humanity has reached a state, you might say, ‘we have evolved,’ to a point, where it appears we have transcended morality. We have left it behind and moved on.

We have constructed a context in which everyone is implicitly immoral if only by condoning a system whose foundation is exploitation and oppression.

Everything isn’t just for sale these days, everything is exploitable from our planet to unborn generations, not just of our species, but all of Life. The more you exploit, the wealthier and more successful you become.

Exploitation can only be legal when laws are immoral. Profiting from the misfortunes of others is immoral. It is exploitive. Allowing it to happen is immoral. It is apathetic and hypocritical.

All financial wealth is built on a foundation of exploitation. Somewhere along the line, exploitation occurs that enables the accumulation and hoarding of financial wealth.

The wealthy are the people who have put themselves in charge by exploiting and oppressing.

They think it is better to extract value for themselves rather than create value for others. The stock market is a system designed to do just that. Extract value for yourself without creating value for others.

The only problem with this approach is that nature does not operate this way most of the time. Most things that operate this way are considered diseases because their objective is the opposite of Life’s objective.

Apparently, though, the people in charge think they can just keep on exploiting as long as there is something to exploit. Maybe they think they will stop after everything has been exploited and there is nothing left to exploit.

You could say, they are Daring the Devil.

And they are in charge because we allow exploitation.

Clearly this shit isn not working! Why do we do it?

It doesn’t really matter why we do it. The real point is we have to change the way we operate. We must change our minds, change our thinking and our awareness, our attitudes and beliefs about exploitation. Sooner or later we will get there.

Let’s get on with it!

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