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Corporate profits are a measure of indebtedness

jus' thinkin' 'bout stuff - 03-31-2022 - by steve rigell -

If corporations actually had to pay the true costs of their products or services, the ones they profit from, most corporations would not exist because there would be no demand for something so ridiculously expensive.

Corporate profits measure value extracted that is greater than value created.

This paradigm is parasitic naturally, socially, emotionally, philosophically and psychologically, yet we reward its proponents.

And that’s without considering the cheating, deception, exploitation of advantage and other corruptions that accompany such a system.

The irony is that such a system depends on people who will ‘play along’ and ignore injustice.

Poor people can’t ignore injustice. Poor people live under the pressure of injustice every day.

Yet they play along and ignore injustice rather than risk the freedom to breathe.

A system created by humans that forces other humans to have to make this choice is incomprehensibly and deliberately flawed.

It’s just plain wrong. Morally and ethically wrong.

For such a system to exist at all is a perversion of humanity’s potential.

We can do better as a species.

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