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How much longer will it be

jus' thinkin' 'bout stuff - 04-22-2022 - by steve rigell -

Even medicare is now being run by insurance companies.

Corporations only care about profits. They don’t care about people, or even other corporations.

Corporations will pollute all the water on the planet and then profit by selling purified water for people to drink and cook with.

How much longer do you think it will be before corporations pollute the air enough that purified air will be necessary for human life?

How much longer before the rain condensing and falling in a poisoned atmosphere will be too toxic for food to be exposed to, and all farming must take place indoors?

How much longer before corporations offer assisted suicides and convert the bodies into something more useful than people?

We have to change our minds.

We have to realize at some point what we’re doing is not sustainable.

We have to be able to work together.

We have to be able to work within nature, contributing more than we extract.

We can’t change someone else, we can only change ourselves.

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