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Humanity yearns for a hero

jus' thinkin' 'bout stuff - 05-21-2022 - by steve rigell -

This human mindset makes war inevitable. Call it what you will. War. Oppression. Exploitation. Colonialism. Evangelical outreach. It is what separates us into Us and Them.

It is our differences. It is the possibility of change.

The status quo must be violently protected from pending changes. At all costs.

This dogmatism always breeds disillusionment in the next generation. Sometimes the current generation gets it, but that doesn’t happen often. Sometimes the current generation opposes and defeats the status quo. But that doesn’t happen often.

Regardless of who mounts the opposition, the forces of conflict always end up, just like the hero, back where it all started. Thesis. Antithesis. Resolution. There is no progress. There is only the repetition of conflict.

Evil and Good depend on where you are standing when you look at them. They just change their masks and their uniforms. They adopt new slogans. They put each other on trial for show.

But they always return to where they started. That’s what Heroes do when they undertake the ‘Hero’s Journey.’

Humanity shows no sign of tiring of this story.

Facism against Democracy. Private against Public. Wealth against Poverty. Salvation agains Sin. Conservative against Liberal.

It is always Good against Evil, and everyone thinks their side is the good guys in a fight to the death, the fight of a lifetime, the war to end all wars.

We can’t seem to get past this one plot. All other plots are subsumed into the Hero’s Journey.

The real story is how we get past this plot line. How do we exit this story?

Well, first we have to change our minds—change our thinking—because that will be necessary to change the way we do things.

Then we have to learn to work together instead of following our instincts and opposing one another. We have to embrace unity over separation.

Then we have to practice working together and get really good at it. In short, we must transcend our own nature.

Then we have to keep working together to keep ourselves from falling for the Hero’s Journey plot line. There are no heroes. There are no villains. We are all in this together.

This will be the hardest work humanity has ever undertaken. We will not be saved by clever heroes. Each of us must do our part.

This is something we have never before been able to achieve. It may be something we can not achieve. If we don’t humanity will perish.

But we have to try.

It’s the least we can do.

Change Your Mind
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