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Ignorant savages

jus' thinkin' 'bout stuff - 04-17-2022 - by steve rigell -

Bigotry, prejudice, and racism are long-standing in human traditions. These are attitudes passed from generation to generation. There is no rational basis for assuming inferiority because of differences in skin color or the place of one’s birth.

These attitudes are learned from our families and communities.

They are extremely old ways, and the old ways are reluctant to die.

But die they must if we humans are to survive.

Some of the old ways must be unlearned because they no longer serve us. That’s assuming they were ever more than superstitions.

Regardless, they are well entrenched and people naturally resist changes that threaten their reality and assumed superiority.

Being able to look down on someone else makes your own illusions seem more stable and real.

But, the time has come to shed these beliefs.

It seems like a small thing from the outside.

‘Just switch off the old belief—after all, it’s wrong. Anyone can see that.’

But on the inside, where all the work happens, it’s hard because these beliefs have wormed their way into the core values of reality for the people who hold them.

People will continue to struggle with the old ways.

And hypocrisy continues to be paramount among human traits.

A good place to start is by refusing to believe racists and bigots are ignorant savages who need to be civilized.

At the same time, we can’t let them continue to kill for racist reasons.

They need a good reason to change their minds.

Survival isn’t good enough. I can imagine the last two humans on earth being completely at odds with one another because of race.

It has to be something they care about more than themselves, because they care about their racist beliefs more than themselves.

Unity has no appeal to these people.

We’re going to have to change our minds and liberate our hearts so we can create a collective consciousness that does not succumb to harmful beliefs .

The only way to do that is to manifest that collective consciousness in our own lives. One life at a time.

We should get started.

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