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It is a source of sadness and shame

jus' thinkin' 'bout stuff - 03-16-2022 - by steve rigell -
Will humanity ever realize its potential?

This dark part of the collective mind is a source of chaos and confusion, but a case can be made that it has an evolutionary purpose.

Humanity will have to rise together to contain it, for it is a madness that is contagious. It is part of our environment.

Because of the scale of humanity’s population, our collective consciousness gets orders of magnitude bigger by the moment.

Within that collective consciousness, there are ideas that are spiritual diseases, and many of them are contagious.

We understand so little about disease. We focus so heavily on understanding physical diseases, and emotional disorders and mental illnesses but overlook spiritual diseases, which are the root cause of human disease.

Human diseases are symptoms of spiritual diseases.

Spiritual diseases are distortions and perversions of the way the human spirit expresses itself through individuals.

Our spirits are evolving in awareness even as we are evolving in awareness as a species.

We have flaws and make mistakes beyond the physical plane. The flaws and mistakes of our physical reality are representative of what’s going on within us as our spirits, collective and individual, attempt to express themselves through our physical bodies.

Wherever change is possible, imperfection will exist. Or is it vice versa?

But we are not without agency, and we owe it to our collective spirit to help in smoothing out the flaws and healing the distortions of intent.

We can always use our failures as prompts to improve personally; by Lending Our Light.

That is our reason for being.

To participate at this level with our spirits we much change our minds and set our hearts free.

This is the freedom that all humans want. A heart that is free.

It is in our hearts that things are sacred. Deep in our hearts, all things are sacred. In our preference for mental activity we limit our hearts and impair them with arbitrary constraints, mostly by trying to make them act like the mind. We’ve lost touch with our hearts. Setting our hearts free will allow us once again to be in touch with them.

But in order to set our hearts free, we must change our minds.

I have to change my mind. You have to change your mind.

You’re the only one who can do it. No one else can change your mind.

Collectively, we must change our collective mind. This will be our greatest challenge as a species.

We must change our minds so we can find the reasons to make better choices.
We must change our minds so we can see consequences and their causes.
We must change our minds so our minds are willing to work with our hearts instead of ignoring the wisdom inherent in them.

We must change on a fundamental level.

We must change on a massive scale.

We must change before we can no longer do it.

Obviously we need a miracle. If you want to attribute that miracle to God or to magic or to people working with the laws of nature, it doesn’t matter. We all still need to do our part.

It’s the least we can do.

Lend Your Light

Spread the word.

Let’s dream together.

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