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What is jus' thinkin' 'bout stuff?

This is a series of notes to myself, so I guess that makes it some kind of notebook.
It’s a record of ideas about which I was thinking on a given day. I find it entertaining to go back and see what I was thinking about, how I was thinking. Do I still agree with myself?
It’s a way to touch-base with myself.
I don’t think most people care what they were thinking about in the past. Thoughts flit in and out of their minds like quarks slipping in and out of consciousness. If people care about what they are thinking, it is recorded as a list of stuff they feel like they have to do.
It’s a trail of ideas I have left in my wake. It give me perspective on how I got to where I am today.
It is a journal of my explorations off the beaten path. Where have I wandered? What have I seen? What was I curious about enough to record my thoughts?
It is me speaking to me. Observing me. But I’m doing it online. Telling myself what I experience being me. What I’m thinking about what I think about. You’re welcome to come along with me.
It is a sketchbook in which I sketch ideas and thoughts with words, just because…
It is a habit and discipline. It is practice. Growth. Improving a skill that has no other application I know of other than communicating with me. It’s something I want to get good at.
It’s an adventure made rich by curiosity and tenacity. I show up every day engage with a process to see what emerges. To make some mistakes, and maybe get something right. 
It is a place where I can think about and explore ideas people don’t talk about. 
But mainly, it is practice. I practice writing succinctly. I string ideas and words together  by writing them down. I make them real and ground them physically. I give them infrastructure for being what they are and doing what they want to become. I give them life. 
It is practice at creating. Practice at creating life. 
It is me playing with ideas, playing with voice, playing with words… playing… 
Always learning. Ever unlearning. Stepping from perspective to point-of-view. Writing for big kids. That’s what I do. I write for big kids. 
Doing and not doing. 
Deciding and not deciding.
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