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Once a human gains enough power

jus' thinkin' 'bout stuff - 02-25-2022 - by steve rigell -
Are wars inevitable for humans?

War is the perennial distraction for humans. There have always been wars.

Mostly they’re started by egos too big for the territory they inhabit.

There are wars going on all over the globe. There are wars within nations and in the hearts of men and women. There are wars inside our cities, and inside our fractured and stress-battered psyches.

Armies can be assembled from many sources, and enemies can be created out of nothing minor differences.

Armies are assembled by manipulating the emotions of humans against invisible forces that exist in the imaginations of those bored by their day-to-day lives. These emotions can be aimed at meaningless constructs with pinpoint accuracy to produce meaningless phrases like ‘war on poverty’ and ‘war on drugs.’

Maybe war is humanity’s default state.

Will there ever be a time when war is not on the horizon?

Probably not as long as there are armies and men with power who want to hold on to power or expand their power.

Armies get restless when they aren’t warring. Playing war just doesn’t seem to be that satisfying for armies. Armies want to prove they’ve got what it takes, and the only way to do that is get out there in public and make life miserable for innocent people. Lives ruined by the ambitions of men who do not understand power.

That’s the only way to do war.

Otherwise it isn’t really war.

Naturally none of this makes sense.

This is just another example of thinking that isn’t sustainable, and cannot be permitted if humanity is to survive.

If armies at war use nuclear weapons, it cannot help but impact the entire world. The environment will be affected. The climate will be affected. Plenty of innocent people will die. Millions of people will be displaced and mass migrations will be forced on otherwise stable populations.

We’ve got to change our thinking. We must change our minds if we are to have a survivable future.

It must happen rapidly, and on a mass scale.

That means it’s up to you and me. Regular people who Lend Our Light to the world.

Understand, this is not a loan that will return interest to us. Humanity is in a state of severe debt to our planet, to generations yet to be born.

We must change the way we do the things we do.

We have to change things on a fundamental level. We have to change the way we think. We have to stop shutting down our hearts.

We must change our minds. The way we’re doing things isn’t working. We have to stop doing the same things expecting different results.

We have to change our minds so we can liberate our hearts. We have to stop making our hearts do mind things. And we especially need to stop making them do mindless things. Liberate your heart and let it guide you. Reclaim your genius. Visit to learn how.

If you are ready to get involved, swing by and find out how you can make a small difference every day.

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