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One of the peak human experiences

jus' thinkin' 'bout stuff - 04-09-2022 - by steve rigell -

We do a lot of stupid shit as humans. To be human is to do stupid shit.

That’s what distinguishes us from the ‘animals,’ so to speak. We do stupid shit all the time and they don’t.

Humans will believe anything but the truth.

History has to repeat itself because no one is listening. We’re too busy exploiting opportunities to exploit everything we encounter. We have no time to appreciate the mystery that is life, the magic of creation, the joy of living, the beauty inherent in nature. To appreciate the enigma of existence.

We put our gift for abstraction to use by weaponizing everything. We are opposed to nature, and that includes us, we just don’t understand that yet.

How stupid can you get? Hell, stupidity seems to be the highest virtue for our species. Like I say, ‘how stupid can you get?’

We have no time to notice the birds migrating, the absence of insects or when the wind changes. We no longer get ready for winter.

We insist on doing stuff instead of not doing stuff. We would rather do stupid shit than not do stupid shit.

Everything is for sale, especially the future. What we call wealth is actually a measure of our debt to the planet and to life itself. We let the most manipulative, selfish, and insane people run things. We even admire them for what they get away with. We wish we could be so bold.

We watch people do stupid shit that negatively affects the entire world, and we politely hold our tongues—we don’t want to be rude, you know. Whose stupid shit is stupider in that situation?

We think peace can be achieved as a result of war. We pray to God to make us successful on the field of battle and to side with us against those who think differently or believe differently or look differently. We make our gods cruel and vindictive so we can worship them with the proper awe and fear of their power.

An objective observer would be obliged to think we’re all insane.

These are flaws in our behavior that will have serious consequences if we don’t change our ways. We have to stop doing this crap. It isn’t sustainable.

But what can you do? Stop doing stupid shit, and…

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