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Oppression. Exploitation. Destruction.

jus' thinkin' 'bout stuff - 04-04-2022 - by steve rigell -

Human nature exists on a continuum. Most of us with human bodies are susceptible to the darker end of that continuum. It just comes packaged in.

We’re curious about it. Drawn to it. Enchanted by its possibilities. Tempted by its opportunities.

We can’t not be selfish. Everything we do is selfish, even when it isn’t.

It has to be this way because everything is connected. None of us can affect anything in life without impacting everything. The fact that we have volition and intention is inherently selfish.

Innocence is perhaps the most selfish state for human consciousness, because it is not even aware of itself.

But we expand our awareness away from innocence. We send our light into the darkness.

As the light transforms the darkness, it is itself transformed by the act of transforming. That is the nature of transformation whether it is attempted with intent or not.

But humans put extra layers of abstraction and context on the process of selfishness; we act to gain advantage for ourselves.

We surround ourselves with hierarchies so we know where we stand in comparison. We play games of perception and ranking and categorizing and make sure there is someone below us. Someone who must submit to our advantage.

This mindset eventually entertains oppression, exploitation and careless destruction.

We may be human, but we are not humane.

To be more human, we need more light. Humane is the light side of human.

Etymologically, ‘humane’ is an earlier form of ‘human.’

We have to venture into the darkness and be transformed by it as we bring our own light into it.

The question is, ‘How far do we have to go before we figure out what’s going on?’

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