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Our default perspective is either-or

jus' thinkin' 'bout stuff - 05-08-2022 - by steve rigell -

Everybody wants to be somebody.

Superficial and vain. Greedy and selfish. Destructive and partisan. These traits have been with us for millennia. We don’t seem to be maturing much as a species.

We live in the midst of the miracle of life itself and take it all for granted. The parts of it we acknowledge, we see as separate from us—something to be exploited.

We seem to be regressing, becoming less civil as we become more civilized. It is almost like civilization is the problem.

But what is wrong with civilization is what is wrong with us. We are clearly not as perfect as we imagine ourselves to be. The Dunning-Krueger effect, like Murphy’s Law, is alive and well, wherever humans go.

What we see wrong with our civilization is what is wrong with us, we just refuse to see it. We openly deny our flaws and justify our shortcomings.

The flaws in our character and the limitations of our awareness as individuals who are part of all that is are being exposed by the growing critical mass of civilization done in the human style.

Clearly human civilization is not working for any species, especially the human species. We will not make an exit from this predicament if we don’t admit what we are doing is not working, and change the way we do thing. The way we think.

What we are doing is not sustainable.

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