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Population frailty

jus' thinkin' 'bout stuff - 05-01-2022 - by steve rigell -

We continue to permit greedy growth-oriented corporations run by wealthy people to exploit the planet and oppress every species including our own.

Evidence continues to pile up confirming this approach is not sustainable.

Yet we continue to hope things will change.

You would think governments would think it desirable to have healthy populations, but since corporations don’t care, and corporations run things now, governments don’t care.

It’s all about profits. Everything is for sale. Populations are just another resource to be exploited.

Besides, most people are too busy trying to survive to have any energy left at the end of the day to raise their voices against the status quo.

That’s the way the CEOs like it.

As a result, we’ve turned the corner on population growth for humans and most other species on earth.

In fact, it seems like we are deliberately targeting growth of any kind except for opportunistic species like viruses which will eventually run out of opportunities, too.

Things look bleak on the evolutionary front, especially for humans. Well… for every other species, too.

But species come and go, doncha know… We’re not exempt from that one.

These days, everyone has varying degrees of low-level stress continually tugging at their consciousness.

This kind of stress is particularly stressful. It is like a bad bearing or brakes that are continually partially engaged. It resists any forward progress.

The upshot of civilization is that we make it harder and harder to just live comfortably.

The things we call comforts and conveniences actually produce more stress than their absence would if they were never invented.

Another of the ironies of human existence.

Meanwhile species of flora and fauna are dying off right and left because of human interference in the natural rhythms to which they are attuned.

The world will be a different place without birds and insects. We literally have no idea what to expect. Their absence will not be without consequence.

It’s too late to stop it, it’s already started.

But we have to do something… Right?

We can’t just give up without a fight…

Can we?

Hell, we haven’t even tried at all.

We keep thinking we can keep doing things the way we’ve been doing them for the last ten thousand years or so.

It’s insane!

We have to figure out a way to do things differently.

We need new mindsets. We have to change our minds.

Change Your Mind

Lend Your Light

Express Your Self

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