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jus' thinkin' 'bout stuff - 04-05-2022 - by steve rigell -

The time you wasted wasn’t wasted.

It’s those experiences that set you up for the revelation you experienced. Without them it wouldn’t have been the revelation it was.

It wasn’t wasted if you learned something that has been incorporated into your being.

The things you learn about yourself and human nature in those experiences are there to enhance your future experiences.

Life is an adventure if you want it to be. It’s just a matter of perspective. Flipping a switch in your head. Seeing a new set of possibilities and being curious about them enough to invest your time and effort in exploring them.

Adventure only happens when you wander off the beaten path.

There are may ways to get off the beaten path. You can only do it your way. It’s a choice you have to make to wander outside of convention and explore the universe.

You have to live the story you want to tell, because you’re telling it as you go. Life isn’t a story that gets told later, it can only be told one breath at a time. You tell it as you go.

Here are some tools for storytelling as you go, packaged up with the threads of a story in process, a story we are all living, together, right now. A story we are all telling, together, right now.

Lend Your Light

Change Your Mind

Think About Stuff

Have Some Fun

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