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jus' thinkin' 'bout stuff - 05-04-2022 - by steve rigell -

We are all busy making money. Gobs of money. You don’t even have to make anything but money. You don’t have to add any value to anyone’s life. All you have to do is make money. More money. Even more money.

There is no limit. Infinity is the goal.



And when you have more money than anyone else, you buy things like rocket ships, islands, super yachts, and social media platforms. You take rides into space and jet around the place.

You don’t try to make life any better for anyone but yourself.

We learn to be greedy and stop caring about what we perceive to be outside our reality. We learn not to care about anything else because we see everything as separate instead of seeing it as a whole.

The thing is, everything that is is what is outside our reality. Our reality is imagined and believed. The reality in which we make money and spend it is only a small slice of reality. The reality where we experience greed and seek to exploit only exists as a collective belief to which we have all been indoctrinated.

This reality is finally proving it is unsustainable, so now we have to do some unlearning. We have to change our minds.

Change Your Mind

Lend Your Light

Express Your Self

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