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Steve Rigell selfie

Self portrait, December 2020

Please allow me to introduce myself...

I simplify processes, organize people, fix stuff, make things happen, and play with ideas.

I like intimate conversations, writing poetry, good mysteries, congenial competition, fresh coffee, classic board games, laughing and mornings.

I'm curious about everything, and I love helping people succeed at something important to them.

I encourage people to "live the story you want to tell."

How about what you’ve done career-wise…
I’ve changed careers more than a dozen times since I graduated from college. That’s not including the year I made a fool of myself trying to play music for a living between my junior and senior years. Even though each role naturally emerged from the previous one, there was always a new skill set to learn and a fresh set of problems to solve. I have a talent for both.
I could not have predicted any one of them before the opportunity cropped up. I think it was the mastery of new skills that kept me on this track. Not to mention the endless opportunities to make mistakes and then make the best of them.
Most of the stuff I’ve done wasn’t even a thing when I was in college, so I’ve had to teach myself a lot. I’m curious about almost everything, and have inexplicably enjoyed everything I attempted.

Along the way, I acquired a couple of long-term side hustles—being a parent and a husband—which turned out to be my full-time careers.
But, back to the career path, here’s the lowdown:
  1. Assistant Director – School for Children with Learning Disabilities (my undergraduate degree was in psychology, this seemed like a reasonable start)
  2. Education and Programming Director – (professional craftspeople making traditional and contemporary art—honest-to-god economic development!)
  3. *General Contractor and Cabinet Maker (Heartwood Woodcraft got it all started, still have my first business sign)
  4. *Art Director for Movies (Highway to Hell, Boris and Natasha, The Judas Project, Your Mother Wears Combat Boots, nothing particularly noteworthy—extremely fast-paced life—even if you were working you were looking for the next gig)
  5. *Graphic Designer (catalogs, billboards, magazine covers, book designs—photoshop, quark xpress, illustrator—let’s do some marketing, y’all)
  6. *Database Programmer (let me put a graphical user interface on all that data and it will make a lot more sense to you)
  7. Technical Support Team Lead (yep—I think there’s a nut loose behind the keyboard, why don’t you let me drive for a minute or two…)
  8. Director – Internet Technologies (we’re gonna take the whole business online cuz that’s where business is gonna be—it’s just too damn convenient)
  9. Network Infrastructure Project Manager (miles of fiber optic cable, new routers and switches, secure as hell, more bandwidth than you can use, you’ll love it)
  10. Area Manager for Network Operations (yes, sir, you tell us what you need to be able to do, and we’ll have it ready for you)
  11. International Technical Project Manager (yes ma’am, si señora, Evet hanımefendi, sim, senhora, はい奥様, Ja, gnädige Frau, 네 부인, sì signora, we’re here to upgrade that firewall and close a few back doors—you won’t even know we’re here)
  12. Technical Solutions Sales (security infrastructure, private IP networks, cloud computing, server space… going fast… get the latest and greatest technolgoy before it’s obsolete!)
  13. *Technology & Business Strategy Consultant (you betcha, technology lets you process information on a whole new level, so of course, it has to be part of your business strategy—the way you process information is your strategy)
  14. *Strategy Consultant (no joke, hardly anyone understands strategy)
  15. Forklift Driver (of course! I can drive anything with wheels and plenty of things that don’t have wheels)
Whoa… didn’t see that last one coming!
That last one was because it was time to figure out a different direction—lemme wander off the beaten path for a bit and get a little fresh perspective. I was not looking specifically to drive a forklift. It was more the radical change I was looking for. It was good, even with all the corporate bullshit.
The asterisks in the list above indicate career-phases where I was in business as a solopreneur. I go back a long way with the entreprenurial business model. I’ve applied it at least half-a-dozen industries. Contrary to what they say, it isn’t who you know, it’s who knows you.
Oh, yeah, there was that time I co-founded a charter school with my wife, Linda. She was the first director of the school. Of course, it is non-profit (still operating 18 years later), like several of my early entrepreneurial efforts.
Sounds like you’re still curious about everything…
The narrative thread throughout all this is not only the progression of careers and the acquisition of competence in a wide variety of skills, but is also a story about the evolution of a value mindset and the fine-tuning of my sense of possibilities.
Life is so full!
Ups and downs, surprises, surgeries, problems to solve, solutions to create, skills to acquire, bosses to educate, people to mentor, customers to please, half-a-dozen or so interstate moves, a little bluffing here and there, blazing new trails through the wilderness, plenty of mistakes.
Then there were four home births, soccer games, birthdays, recitals, questions to ask, questions to answer, and of course, more mistakes to be made.
I must be none the worse for the wear, because here I am at starting out in a new direction—as always, off the beaten path.
So, whatcha gonna do now?
I decided I should turn my creative capabilities toward online content to see if I could come up with something a little bit unconventional, something reasonably original with a damn good signal-to-noise ratio, and then see if I could throw in a little “weird” and some “off the beaten path.” You know. Art. Using the internet as a medium. 
I’ve always wanted to do take a creative leap and figure out how to make it work for me. I’ve managed to do that to a degree, but this is a radical departure for me. It’s being creative. It’s doing what has to be done. It’s a deeper dive into some ideas I’ve been toying with. It’s doing some things I don’t want to do and learning how to love it because of what it does for me. It’s exhilarating. It’s uncertain. Uncomfortable at times. Always challenging. Right where I like to be.
Of course, with my technical curiosity, that has to include a complete understanding of the back-end and ongoing operations of a web presence as well as the creative and production aspects. I’ve always been good at business processes and optimizing workflows, so I get to scratch that itch, too. New software. New skills. New workflows. New solutions. New clients. New questions. New adventure.
Can you be more specific?
Sure. I’ve got a few online projects going now and a few offline projects. There’s never enough time is there? All of them are works in progress, but a couple of them have daily and weekly production objectives. There are links to all the online projects below on this page. Check ‘em out!
You have to say hello!
Hey, if we haven’t met, please say hello and introduce yourself. Look around, you’ll see what I’m up to currently.
I’d like to get to know you!
One of my standard bits of advice to my kids is, “If you really want to get to know somebody, either marry them or read their poetry.” I’ve tried both, and recommend both, for different reasons. Since I’m already married, you’re welcome to read some of my poetry. Please share some of your own!
Spreading the joy…
I’m the appreciative recipient of daily joy in this endeavor. I’m happy to share it with you!
Even though I’m a total introvert, I’m openly available for creative collaborations. One of my greatest joys is creating stuff with other people… otherwise, you can find me here, doing my thing… yep, I’m gonna straight-up call it art… with the internet… right out in front of God and everybody.
Thanks for stopping by.

Live the story you want to tell!



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