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The best I can do

jus' thinkin' 'bout stuff - 05-20-2022 - by steve rigell -

We are pebbles in a riverbed. Grains of sand on a beach. Molecules of water in the river of life. Quarks merging for a moment with space and time.

And yet this is what shapes life and its awareness of itself. This is what creates the consciousness that creates life. This is the act of creation.

What is is what is.

What is has never existed before. And yet everything is the way it has always been.

It is perfect and flawed. Some things work well, others seem like mistakes.

This is what is.

We humans do not really understand how insignificant we are in the grand scheme of things. We do not understand how significant the details of our lives are. The magic we take for granted. The mystery of the unfolding story of life. Our own inability to see the drama in the growth of awareness, and experience the tension in the awareness of growth.

Each of us on a quest of completion we don’t understand. We each must go our own way alone and this terrifies us.

Our insignificance terrifies us so we invent ways to convince ourselves we are gods by exploiting life and oppressing those whose minor differences offend our arbitrary sensibilities.

Our uniqueness terrifies us even as it impresses us. Our egos are the culmination of our uniqueness. Uniqueness means differences. All the differences that are insignificant. But we convince ourselves of their greatness and put ourselves on pedestals.

We push the limits of what is to make it conform to our desires. We demand that what is be entertaining and make us feel good, feel happy, feel fulfilled.

We believe the myths of our origins and we make cathedrals as tributes to our own greatness wherein we worship the gods we have created in our own image.

We have no idea what we are doing, so we do everything we can to be significant, to draw the right attention, to be recognized as successful, to assemble the trappings of prestige, and to engage in conquests that make our souls uncomfortable.

Who is to say this is not what we should be doing. After all—or maybe, before all—what we are doing has never been done before.

But what we are doing makes my soul uncomfortable. The way we do things is not sustainable. We try to ignore the consequences but they refuse to be ignored.

As a species, our destiny is to make some fundamental changes in the way we do things on a massive scale. It will happen one way or another.

If human history is any indicator, we won’t do it the easy way.

The best we can do is make the best of what is.

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