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Good Luck Symbol

This stand-alone project has been abandoned and will be incorporated into another project at a later date.

This page started as a spoof.

After I started investigating the subject of Good-Luck, I started seeing evidence that it is possible to create Luck. It isn’t free, because you have to invest in yourself and it takes time to develop a relationship with Luck. But, it is possible to create for yourself whatever kind of Luck you want in your life.

I’m working on how to present what I’m discovering. I’ll probably share it with a select mailing list of folks who are interested or I may publish it as an ALL KILLER – NO FILLER notebook.

Meanwhile, to stay in touch or express your interest in this topic, please use the contact form below or email me: steve[at]steverigell[dot]com.

Update: 2021.11.21 – This project is on hold while I spend more time on my e-commerce venture at Check it out!

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