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The little things taken for granted

jus' thinkin' 'bout stuff - 05-02-2022 - by steve rigell -

It is the little things. The things we don’t even notice and understand the least that shape our lives the most. We like to think we’re in charge of our lives.

Decisions we made thoughtlessly in passing bubble up into our awareness long after they were made when they’ve been terraformed into formidable incidents—the kind of thing that changes lives and reshapes the course of history.

A smile or a sneer cause the world to spin in different directions. Whether they are reflexive and reactive or deliberate and intentional is a choice. It is an outcome and an initiation. A beginning and an ending.

We only have a few knobs to turn as we attempt to control our reality.

We have less control than we like to admit.

Putting ourselves into a big picture perspective is not our strong suit. We have trouble seeing past what we want next.

We should all be able to acknowledge what we are doing is not sustainable, that we need to change our behavior. Change our thinking. Change our minds.

Change Your Mind

Lend Your Light

Express Your Self

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