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the one question - 09-26-2021 - by steve rigell -

The One Question

a meditation

to reclaim your genius

You are a genius. Never forget that.

Your genius has been relentlessly squeezed out of you, evaporated and the residue mopped up by a system so efficient and ingrained it isn’t even noticed.

Your genius has had its buds pruned, its wings clipped, its synapses numbed and its imagination interrupted.

We have all been told what to see, hear, do, say, feel, think, want and make by a system not interested in our well-being and which has no use for your ‘genius’ if it doesn’t make the big bucks.

This simple meditation will help you reclaim your genius. If you don’t do it, it won’t get done. Let me know if you’re interested by using the form below.

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You are a genius. Never forget that.


Steve Rigell

I want my genius back!