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The people who live next door

jus' thinkin' 'bout stuff - 05-17-2022 - by steve rigell -

And all this is accepted as normal.

Some people would rather everyone have guns than save a few innocent lives. And, a lot of these people call themselves ‘pro-life.’

Whatever happened to, ‘Love one another?’

There is nothing like the feeling of ‘getting away will something’ you were not supposed to do. That’s how we get our thrills.

Empathy, compassion, and dignity are in steep decline. Exactly what one would expect of humans. There is a darkness casting its shadow on the planet. The people are in peril. But the problem is, the people are the problem.

Our interactive mores are making isolation not only accepted, but preferable. We focus on our differences.

Pronouns. Religion. Pro-whatever. And of course, we don’t like to talk about sexuality so let’s pass laws that make talking about it illegal. Then let’s ban some books. That will fix what is wrong with society these days. Everyone else is wrong. Why isn’t that obvious to everyone?

Besides, things are changing so fast now, it is impossible to remember what was really happening in the past, so we just make stuff up. This is completely normal. Eventually, everything becomes imagined.

Exaggerating stuff that doesn’t matter in order to create a little drama because life has become boring. Staid. Civilized.

But our basic nature as a species is not civilized. We are primitive barbarians at heart. Not nearly as sophisticated as we imagine ourselves to be. Bullies and wimps mostly. Passive/aggressive. Narcissistic. Sadistic…

Not really worth getting involved with if you know what’s good for you.

No wonder the aliens next door haven’t stopped by to introduce themselves. We are the new species in the galaxy and are still figuring out how to work with nature. Our primitive understanding of Life allows us the illusion that we are separate… unique… superior…

But somehow, things are always, not the way we remember them being. That makes us uncomfortable, and it is always someone else’s fault. Why can’t those idiots realize how wrong they are?

It doesn’t matter that what we think is true is not.

Oh well. sighs, I have to do something to call attention to myself? It’s on my todo list. I need some stats, man! Some social proof. That’s what I need now. Data driven productivity.

Now that’s what I call social interaction!

And there are people who believe what I believe out there on the internet. That’s who I would rather hang with, you know.

It feels slightly better to hang with people who have the same darkness festering inside them.

We are all playing petty parts in our own dramas while our world collapses around us.

The devil really is in the details, if the details are differences.

This shit really isn’t working. It is not sustainable. There is literally no future for our species if we continue doing things the way we do things.

We have to make some fundamental changes on a massive scale.

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