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The reason we humans are so willing to believe lies

jus' thinkin' 'bout stuff - 05-25-2022 - by steve rigell -

We will even do something directly contradicting our best interests if it simplifies our perception of reality enough.

Witness the activities of mobs and cults and other group phenomena.

We are literally willing to believe anything if it seems to simplify reality enough. It’s why we always look for someone to blame. It’s why we prefer our autonomy—it’s hard to imagine we are all one meta-organism, or that all life is one meta-meta-organism.

This is essentially the impetus for all forms of communication, especially marketing and propaganda, which are essentially the same thing. The most effective communications simplify someone’s perception of reality. That we can also use this influence to gain advantage and exploit other humans for personal gain and profit is seen as a legitimate business opportunity if it can be monitored.

Our societies usually have some laws that are conceived to ostensibly limit some extreme activities of exploitation, but they rely on humans for enforcement, and few humans are able to override the human instinct to gain advantage (power) when the opportunity presents itself.

In our efforts to engineer greater certainty we have created a situation in which our species will have to endure greater uncertainty and less predictability than Nature would have ever required.

This makes our perception of reality a distortion field made of layer upon layer of lies intermingling with one another like maggots on a rotting carcass.

And this doesn’t even account for all the lies we tell ourselves. YIKES!

In the case of climate change, we tolerate incremental change because one day or week doesn’t feel that different from the previous day or week. And this is the wealthy who are in denial. Denial, like blaming someone else, is a convenient first response to increasing complexity used by millions. If you’re feeling like a passive response is better, go with denial. If you’re feeling a little more aggressive or angry, blame someone else.

The poor don’t have any time to do anything other than do their best to survive week-to-week.

This aspect of human nature won’t change overnight. Maybe never.

Our species, indeed, every species on our planet are in for some discomfort and inconvenience in the coming decades. Centuries.

If we’re true to our pattern, we’ll try to change nature before admitting we need to change our own behavior. Change our thinking. Change our ways. Change our minds.

Such thinking makes things so much more complex, and we can’t really handle that, because it would require us to see the way we see reality is an illusion.

But if anyone can get humanity’s attention, it is nature. Nature operates under a set of operational parameters that humanity, as part of nature, will eventually have to comply with or perish.

I’m pretty sure nature doesn’t consider humanity to be an asset, no matter how highly we think of ourselves. More likely, Nature considers humanity to be a huge pain the ass over in that remote galaxy they charmingly call the Milky Way.

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