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There is too much greed

jus' thinkin' 'bout stuff - 05-16-2022 - by steve rigell -

For the last few generations, there has been a change in the way parents treat their children. Before, each generation worked to give their children a life that was better than the one they lived.

Now, each generation betrays its children more egregiously than their parents did them.

Civilization is set up to serve the powerful, and ignore, oppress, or exploit those without power. Sounds a bit barbaric, doesn’t it? Civilization is just a superficial patina covering our otherwise barbaric tendencies.

The worlds powerful corporations, and their CEOs don’t care about people except to the degree they are exploitable or oppressable. If they are not exploitable, oppressable, or useful, they are considered useless, worthless, defective.

From a corporation’s perspective, people are almost always considered fickle and unreliable because they have personal lives in which unexpected things happen which cause people to make choices that are personally advantageous rather than advantageous to the corporation.

Democracy requires being involved, but that is just what corporations do not want.

People will believe anything. Just ask the Roman Catholic Church. Corporations and institutions like the Catholic Church prefer for people to be uneducated. That way they are more susceptible to deception.

Laws are written by corporations and then enacted by politicians whose votes have been bought. That’s what democracy has become.

Corporations have all the inalienable rights these days.

This system only works for the corporations, and the true believers who are willing to exploit anything for a profit.

And now, corporations have made it impossible for parents to give their children a life that was better than the one they had.

Just watch what corporations do when people start migrating away from scorched, waterless deserts and cities being inundated by rising tides and the devastation of unprecedented flooding.

It is impossible to be ethical in this system. There is always some some exploitation within the provenance of either side of a transaction. If you look deeply enough you can always find it, because it is always there.

Imagine… We have a system in which it is impossible to be ethical.

We have wandered waaaay off-course. We have a long way to go to get back on course, folks.

We can’t just do nothing. I mean, we can just do nothing. That’s what we are doing now. But doing nothing means we are condoning a system which exploits and oppresses.

This shit isn’t working for anyone. It is not sustainable.

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