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They fear how they will spend eternity

jus' thinkin' 'bout stuff - 05-13-2022 - by steve rigell -

We create elaborate systems and construct intricate realities to distract ourselves from having to recognize our true nature as part of life.

Time does not exist without motion. Therefore stillness allows one to transcend time.
Space does not exist without manifestation. So, non-being allows one to transcend space.

So what is left?

Everything else. Nothing. At the same time. Relatively speaking. It’s what is emergent from the fabric of what is that enables what we experience, but we created the experiences because we have to do something while we are manifesting on this plane. It might as well be constructive. Useful. Facilitating what is instead of fighting it with beliefs and superstitions.

Instead we focus on outcomes over which we have no control, and ignore the inputs.

Death is a way out of the uncertainties that surround us while we are alive, but there is no assurance in death about the uncertainties awaiting us after death. The possibility of uncertainty exists, so uncertainty persists.

Therefore, it is something to be avoided.

This is one of those elaborate mind-fucks humans use to generate justifications, to justify denials and to deny our lack of understanding so we can keep making the same mistakes over and over, generation after generation.

Clearly this shit isn’t working. We have to change the way we do things. We must change our minds. Trying to base a life on fear of anything is not an approach that enables life.

Who benefits when people live in fear? Hint: It is not the fearful.

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