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This is America

jus' thinkin' 'bout stuff - 04-19-2022 - by steve rigell -

Equality is a sham, an empty meaningless word.
Telling lies is accepted, no matter how absurd.

We elect bullies and sociopaths who don’t hide their greed.
We pretend slavery has ended and the slaves have been freed.

This is America.

Our corporations don’t give a shit about human rights.
We’re a land filled with bullies looking for a fight.

The Republicans are malicious, the Democrats incompetent.
And they’re all owned by donors, their wealth is their confidence.

This is America.

Looking objectively at our society, I have to say.
We lost our way, somewhere, along the way.

We don’t care about the climate, we just want our stuff.
Two days after ordering it is not fast enough.

This is America.

And the thing is, nobody with any power cares at all.
And no one is reading the writing on the wall

This is America, after all.

What we’re doing isn’t working. Our way of life is not sustainable.

We have to change our ways. We have to change our minds.

Change your mind

Lend Your Light

Express Yourself

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