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We all influence the future

jus' thinkin' 'bout stuff - 03-18-2022 - by steve rigell -
Is the future predetermined or is it influenced by our actions?

We all sense on some level the intrinsic connectedness of everything. Even the things that aren’t things.

But we have no idea about the intricacies and nuances of this connectedness.

We are aware of such a small slice of what is. We have no idea why it is.

And yet, we are deluded enough to position ourselves in our own minds at the center of the universe and make everything about us. Like god doesn’t have anything else to do but keep up with our irrational shenanigans.

Whatever truth exists behind this perception has long since been misinterpreted to reinforce the perspective of humanity’s superiority in the grand scheme of things.

This is the summary of the human condition. At least so far.

We have no idea what we are doing. We’re all just making it up as we go. We have no idea what’s going to happen next. Or why. Or to whom.

We are butterfly wings, and our butterfly hasn’t even figured out how to flap all its wings at the same time.

Still, all of us are flapping furiously regardless of the consequences.

But what if we were all flapping with the same intent, at the same time?

Even if the collective intent was base and perverse, just the act of doing something in a unified way would be transformative.

What if we all just gave flapping a rest. Not doing anything at all together may be the best way to get our act together.

Regardless, we’ve got to change the way we do things. It’s up to the expendables of society to change things.

What we’re doing isn’t working. Let’s imagine another reality. Together. Let’s dream together.

Let’s change our minds.

We have to change our minds. We can’t let this continue.

We know how this story ends. It becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy that perpetually profits off misery.

We have to change our minds.

Why should we continue to perpetuate systems and societies that exploit people, the earth and future generations?

We’ve got to change the way we do things. To do that, we’ve got to change our minds. We’ve got to liberate our hearts.

It will take changing our minds so we can find the reasons to make better choices. It will take changing our minds so we can see consequences and their causes.
It will take changing our minds so we can see how we get in our own way.

It will take changing our minds so our minds are willing to work with our hearts instead of ignoring the wisdom inherent in our heart.

We must change on a fundamental level.

We must change on a massive scale.

We must change before we can no longer do it.

Obviously we need a miracle. If you want to attribute that miracle to God or to magic or to people working with the laws of nature, it doesn’t matter. We all still need to do our part.

It’s the least we can do.

Lend Your Light

Spread the word.

Let’s dream together.

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