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What am I not saying

jus' thinkin' 'bout stuff - 03-03-2022 - by steve rigell -
What do the things you don’t talk about say about you?

Our concern for what people think of us is carefully masked by careful behavior.

The image we present to others is carefully curated with quips and clips selected to reveal glimpses of a life that is acceptable, even enviable, for it is these qualities that grease the hinges on the doors of access to prestige and prosperity.

But this curation starts as we’re learning the survival skills we carry with us through the years.

The vulnerabilities we hide.

The weaknesses we never admit. The ways we struggle when we can’t allow ourselves to ask for help.

The things we don’t say because they would expose secrets that we have told ourselves cannot be told.

All these constraints are mental constructs carefully placed to protect us from the barbarity we know to exists just below the surface of the image others present to us.

There are fewer people who can be trusted.

The script we find ourselves voicing is poorly written, unoriginal and lifeless. We say the words and try to make ourselves believable to ourselves. The ultimate self-deception.

That’s the game our ego play with our minds.

Let’s stop playing that game.

Let’s change our minds. Our mind.

The way we’re doing things now isn’t working.

Change your mind. Liberate your heart.

Lend Your Light. Let’s dream together.

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