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You never win by disagreeing

jus' thinkin' 'bout stuff - 04-15-2022 - by steve rigell -

Winning is adding light to life, not extracting anything.

Extract light to create more light.

We are light processors. Light multipliers who devote our time in physical reality to inhibiting light. We enable darkness with our selfishness and sense of separation.

We oppose nature and think it is separate from us.

We compete and argue and belittle and condemn. We wage war while we pretend to fight for peace.

We seek gain advantage over others. All our institutions are corrupt.

In our eyes, no other species has any rights. The earth has no rights. Life itself has no rights. Only humans have rights.

Clearly, we take everything to extremes and set ourselves up as the center of the universe.

We are missing the point of life. Our purpose for living is net negative.

We can’t survive in the long-term behaving and thinking the way we currently do. It simply is not sustainable.

The only sustainable approach to life is to consume a little light and use it to create more light than we consumed.

We are optimized for that.

Start by Lending Your Light.

Eventually you will understand you Give Your Light, and that multiplies its value even more.

It’s really just a matter of Changing Your Mind.

Give it a try

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